We have 8 generators of X-rays, of which one is very strong hanging on a pillar allowing images of the spinal column (back) and the lungs. 5 Vehicles are equipped with a full ambulatory digital development.


The Tendonitis Flexor tendon Superficial Finger (FSO) and desmitis the suspensory ligament of the fetlock represent the majority of tendon pathologies racehorse and sports, reduces performance, may require very long periods of rest and predisposes to relapses.
The evaluation of tendon structures is conventionally carried out using ultrasound which is the "Gold Standard" of the ligament and tendon imaging. But this presents qualitative limits on the evaluation of subtle lesions and scar tendon because small entities (fibrils and cells) generate interference and only significant structures (secondary tendon bundles) generate reflections (ultrasound images).
UTC is based on the close relationship between the sonographic patterns and histological dynamic 3-D structures of collagen matrices with tendon histomorphology (van Schie et al 2003). The UTC has shown strong reliability and reproducibility of scarring and subtle lesions. (Vanschie et al. 2010).
The UTC provides more accurate information than conventional ultrasound, eg "gold standard" of the tendon and ligament imaging, on the healing of tendonitis and desmites and on the detection of early tendonitis.
 The validation of this model will allow to determine the future
- The timing of the return to progressive exercise
- The timing of the return to intensive exercise.
- Early detection of tendonitis.
Vanschie et al. 2003. Computorizedultrasonographic tissue characterization of equine SDFTby moyen de stability quantification of echo patterns in contiguous transverse ultrasonographic images. AJVR. 64, 366-375.


The clinic has 2 devices of shock waves for the treatment of pathologies of the bones and tendons on the horses, under which a transportable for the taking care on the track.


The clinic has 7 portable endoscopes, of which some can acquire and stock video for purchase exams or public sales. In the clinic we have a video-endoscopy and a video-gastroscopy system, both of them on a big screen. We also have a pediatric endoscope with a diameter of less than 4 mm. This allows us to go and see the airways, the guttural pouches, the sinuses, the uterus, the esophagus and the stomachs.


Some respiratory surgeries can be executed standing via endoscopy thanks to this very strong laser. The recovery can be found highly reduced and the risks resulting from a general anesthesia are avoided.


Some respiratory problems are not only produced because of an intense physical exertion or in conditions while riding on the track. Our classical examinations and even the conveyer belt are then very effective. We use then an endoscope that is fixed on the horse no matter what his discipline is and who is registering his positions of the device laryngeal-pharyngeal during this period. This way we are able to clarify much better the pathologies of a physical exertion. This examination can be done at your house or on the track of our partners in the neighborhood.


Several direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes (of which the video system) as well as a slit lamp allow a more profound examination of the eye until the retina.


All the vehicles are equipped with simple ultrasound imaging of the gynecology type. We also have 5 ultrasound imaging of high quality that can investigate the tendons, ligaments and abdomen). More complex examinations that need a Doppler system (echocardiography) can also be done in the clinic or at home.


The blood tests are inevitable for the follow-up of the athletes and the management of critical cases. For that reason we are able to realize fast and on the spot the complete counting and biochemistry, thanks to an automatic machine of biochemistry liquid of the latest generation. All the devices are double so that even in case of defect we will always be able to help you. Moreover we are able to test the synovial fluid, the lactates for the follow-up of the physical exertion (anaerobic threshold) and even the phosphates and the nitrates of the water you are giving to your animals. You will receive the results by e-mail as soon as possible and we are of course at your disposal for the interpretations.


The clinic uses this technology since more than 15 years (we were the first in France to use it) as a help to the diagnosis namely during orthopedic problems.


Two stables can be adjusted for the reception of foals with electrical drip, heating lamp and oxygen. Gastric tubes may be placed for a longer period in order to complete the feeding in a very secure way thanks to our pediatric endoscope.
The weight machine is indispensable in order to adjust accurately the measurement of the dose of medicines and the follow-up of the hospitalized horses. Do not hesitate to weight your horse.


We work with different partners to make it possible to examine a horse on the track nearby, whether it is for the evaluation of its locomotion, to evaluate its resistance to the physical exertion or more often for the dynamic endoscopies. We have access to the racetrack of Meslay du Maine on request. The racetrack is located a few meters away from the clinic.


The veterinarians of the clinic have a closed circuit security system at one part of the hospitalization stables (colic’s and neonatology) outdistanced on their mobiles and computers in order to be able to check permanently the situation of their patients.


The weight machine is indispensable in order to adjust accurately the measurement of the dose of medicines and the follow-up of the hospitalized horses. Do not hesitate to weight your horse.

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