Clinique Equine de Meslay du Maine - History

The Equine clinic of Meslay du Maine was established in early 80 on the main square of Meslay du Maine. At that time doctors Geslin and Dutertre were in charge of the clinic and took part of one of the rare veterinarians having exclusively the activity of horses. Due to the arrival of new veterinarians and the increasing number of patients an extension and move of the clinic took place in 1992. It is on the site of the tannerie that the foundation of the actual clinic was created, the high quality technology, the hospitalization and surgery have been developed and a great part of the actual team was forged.
The project of a much larger structure, corresponding to the reputation and to the number of patients of the clinic has been considered as from 2009 and finally the project and the team were defined to be created for real in 2011. The team has moved to the new location in February 2012 and counts right up until today between 10 and 12 Equine veterinarians dealing with around an average of 16.000 clients in France and all around the world.

Equine Clinic Meslay Maine, specializing in medicine and surgery, horses and ponies recreation, competitions and races, has 9 veterinary assisted by four veterinary caregivers. The clinic is located on 4 acres and over 2500 square meters of structures built in 2011-2012.